Final Celebration

I have been very blessed to go through such an experience. Throughout this term I was able to experience my culture in a new way. This experience made me observe my culture in a new lens, in a foreigner lens rather than a native one. I was able to observe things differently and slowly digest the given experience/situation in a new way. Along with you guys I too have learned a couple of new things that I did not know about the kingdom or the culture simply because I grew with it and never asked my self why, what, or how.

I have promised my self that after this course I will continue exploring things within the kingdom and my culture and rethink what I classify as normal or nothing special about it. And so should you guys because every thing that is known about a certain culture has a story behind it and you should rethink what made it pert of your culture in the first place and try to experience it in a different and unique way rather than taking it for granted.


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