Saudi Car Drifting

Hello all,
I hope you are all doing well.
Yesterday I went to bed around 11:45 pm shortly after I woke up by the horrible noise of car drifting. Unfortunately this is a normal act in Saudi Arabia. It is very rare to go by a day without hearing at least a couple of car drifting noises all day. Ever since I was a little girl I hear car drifting noises all day and they specially get louder near midnight and later when the streets are empty.

Car drifting is a very common act around the country. Drifters consider car drifting as an act of entertainment and a very thrilling thing to do. Kids and young adults are the majority of this phenomenon and it is really sad to see such reckless act being preformed by young people. And to make things more dangerous some times drifters drift with guns to shoot on the air after drifting. The reason behind so many car drifters is “boredom” as they claim.
The way this “hobby” is performed is, hundreds of audience gather and line up at the side of the road where the “show” will take place then the car drifter starts to preform and show his “talent”. Sometimes drifting take place in the desert and other time at an empty road late at night.

I can probably say that almost half of the Saudi families has a car drifter in their family or has experienced it as a “hobby” by their sons, fathers, or husbands. My own experience with car drifters is, one day when I was a 10 years old I was napping in the living room and all of a sudden I head the loudest noise of car drifting ever then it was followed by a noise of a car crash. I woke up from that noise and looked through our living room window and found my dad helping the people in the car crash to get in to our house to be helped until the ambulance come. As it turned out there was a young kid who recklessly was drifting with his car on when all of a sudden another car came by with a family inside and they crashed to each other. It was very scary and sad accident, injured people from that car where all around our house. The ambulance came to take the injured people to the hospital but I do not know what happened to them after that.

Unfortunately official forces tried to put an end to car drifting but no serious action has been taken to stop this act until a recent accident where two kids who where part of the audience of a car drifting act show were hit by a car and passed away. The car drifter who responsible is in jail at this moment and will be executed for what he has done.

These are a couple of videos showing different types of car drifting.

This is a new thing that is happening in Saudi Arabia it is called car skating. Very dangerous!

I consider this kind of act is very dangerous and reckless rather than a way of entertainment. What do you think? And do you have any thing similar to this phenomenon in the states?


5 thoughts on “Saudi Car Drifting

  1. We don’t have any such thing in the United States as drifting, but street racing, often called drag racing, is common in California. These races typically happen late at night. However, in some cities such as Toronto, the police can charge a driver with stunt driving if the speed exceeds 50/kph over the limit. The car is impounded on the spot and the driver loses license.

  2. Assalamu’alaikum sister. i just wondering, do you have instagram account ? because, i would be nice to see more photos about ksa and their stories (via photos). i want to make myself familiar with saudi condition (im gonna live there, inshaAllah). thx a lot.

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