Photo of the week #8

During this time of the year where Saudi Arabia’s wither gets cooler people start getting ready to camp in the desert. Saudi Arabian camps are different than American camp trip. In a Saudi Arabian camp trip we normally stay for 10 days to 2 weeks in the desert in which we build our camp sit (each tent is fit for almost 40 people so basically it is huge. And it has all amenities from kitchen to bathrooms), Bring our food supply or some times hunt for it, Rent plenty of motorcycles( children size and adult size), etc.
So since it is this time of the year we decided to go on this trip of course we did not stay for 2 weeks but it was lots of fun.
I will leave you with the images from our camp trip.

this is my father in-law. and on the far right you can see the camp sit. (it looks tiny because he is very far from the camp)

a huge pot where we cook our food in.

Dinner preparation.

Chai after dinner

Camels. You can find lots of them in the desert. But they are NOT friendly.

My husband at the desert in a place we found while we were walking it is really interesting and rare to find a patch of green grass at the desert.


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