Hi all, I hope you are doing great. This week I have decided to interview a high school student and ask him a few questions on the school system and how is his day-to-day life is like. The student is my younger brother and his name is Fahad, he is 14 years old. I have asked him a bunch of questions regarding his school and few questions on his daily life. I wanted to show you all his perspective on the questions.
Here is what I have asked him

When does school start and end?

Starts at 7:15 AM ends at 1:40 PM

Does your school have any morning protocols?

Yes, our school does, but not for high-school students.

What kinds of protocols?

Morning routine like jumping jacks, singing our national anthem and read a paragraph or two from the holy Qura’an

Are schools normally near students houses?

Sometimes. My school is in a compound that is semi-near my house. But I still need to drive there.

Do they have to use transportation to get there?


What kinds of classes you took for this year?

Our school doesn’t provide those kinds of privileges. You have to study everything.

Do all of your courses use Arabic?

Sort of. In bio, physics, chemistry and math, we use English, but not for everything.

Are their other languages being taught other than English?

No. But in some schools they teach French. But not mine.

Do you have school news paper?

Yes but my school is based on a university, meaning the newspaper is mostly revolved around the university not school. But they sometimes write articles about school programs.

Do you have breaks at your school? What kinds?

Yes, 2. One is for recess/lunch, and the other is for praying.

Does your school offer any kinds of sports?
No. Our gym class is practically soccer.

Is your school an all boys school or is it a school where boys and girls study together?
An all boys school. But our school has a girls section too.

Are all schools like that?
Yes. But we have a few schools that are mixed.

What do students usually do after school and on the weekends?
After school everybody heads straight to their house. And on weekends people mostly get together to have lunch and then go out. They mostly go to this country club called Sunset Beach. This place has tons of stuff to do, from soccer and paintball, to spas and swimming pools.

Is there a school cafeteria? What is the food like at your school?
Yes. They mostly sell snacks and sandwiches. They don’t offer lunch because most school finish at around 2, which is close to lunch time here in Saudi Arabia.

How many students are in each class?
Between the grades of 1-9 there are around 25. 10th (which is my grade) has around 20-23 and 11th and 12th are between 17-20.

What kinds of problems do your high school students face?
We don’t have any extracurricular activities.

Are bullying, drugs, alcohol and smoking a problem that is accruing among students?
We don’t have bullying in our school. It’s mostly just people making fun of people but it isn’t really that dangerous and nobody would call it bullying. Neither do we deal with any drug or alcohol related problem. But smoking, yes. There are a few of the “hardcore” students who smoke in the bathroom stalls and in front of school.

Are students allowed to use electronics at school? Are there rules about that?
Calculators only. Cellphones and other gadgets are frowned upon. But they sometimes confiscate them.

Do you have to wear uniforms at school?
Between grade 1-9 yes. 10th, 11th and 12th are not obligated to wear uniforms.

Which is best public high schools or private schools? Why is it better?
Public – not sure. Private – ours, which is KFUPM. Its education system is great. And most of the teachers are ridiculously great.

What are your plans for college?
Either law school or something business related.

What are your hobbies?
I like to read but not a lot. They’re mostly short stories and fan fiction stories. I also like making fan videos on the internet of my favorite TV shows/characters.

What kinds of food do you like?
Junk and cuisine. Both are great.

What are your dreams for the future?
To own a huge law firm/company and call it my own.

So that is pretty much it. That is what Fahad had to say about Saudi Arabian schools. Let me know what you think of this interview what was interesting to you, do you think that a high school student living at Saudi Arabia is similar to a high school student who is living at the states?


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