Photo Of The Week #7

The ottomans ruled some parts of the kingdom for a period of time. The influence of ottomans on the Saudi Arabian culture is very strong. You can find their influence represented in food, cultural habits, buildings, and you can still find some remains of some ottoman castles. Plus there are still lots of Turks who settled in Saudi Arabia and did not go back ever since the Ottoman Empire ruled the kingdom. Of course now they are Saudis but some times you will find a few who still do know a little Turkish.
The images I have brought to you today are buildings that are located in the kingdom that were built by ottomans when they ruled the regain.

This is a rail-station that is located in the city of Al-Medina ( Al-Medina is the city where prophet Mohammed has lived most oh his life in and passed away there. His grave is also located there as well). It was built by the Ottomans. The rail station ran from Damascus to Al-Medina. Now the rail station is just a museum and not has been used ever since the fall of ottoman empire.

This is an Ottoman fortress overlooking the Grand Mosque (Al-Haram where Al Kaaba is). Of course now you will not find this castle because the government of Saudi Arabia removed it to build a $533 million housing project. There are many other castles just like this one all around the kingdom.


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